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Ongoing Initiatives

Agape Center

Agape is a youth and family center that offers a variety of academic and character development programs to a community of more than 200 underprivileged children in Atlanta. Albert and his team have established a new volunteer-led chess program at the Agape Center and have been working with elementary and middle school kids on Fridays. The kids have been having a lot of fun while grasping the fundamentals of the game. They have made significant progress listening to the instructors’ lessons, watching fun videos, solving tactics, playing games against each other, and playing simul games against the instructors.


​LaAmistad, founded in 2001, is an organization that serves Latino families in Atlanta by providing academic and life enrichment programs. The organization, which means "friendship" in Spanish, served around 1500 clients in 10 locations in 2017. Albert and his team have established a new volunteer-led chess program at one of LaAmistad's main locations at Peachtree Presbyterian Church, where they work with elementary school kids on Sundays. Each child has made a lot of progress as many have learned how to play chess from scratch. They actively participate by playing games against each other and against the coaches, answering questions in the interactive videos, and solving puzzles.

Tournament Organization

In conjunction with the Georgia Chess Association, Albert volunteered at the Fall QuickStart Tournament in October of 2017. He analyzed games and played simuls with the kids to promote chess. He hopes to bring some of the underprivileged kids to future tournaments.

Donation of Chess Supplies

Using funds collected from fundraisers, your donations, Albert's previous internships and chess coaching jobs, Albertdonated chess boards, pieces, books, and Chess Club (ICC) memberships with access to a variety of puzzles and opportunities to interact with other members of the chess community.

E-Rivers Elementary

Albert visited E-Rivers Elementary School every Friday from September to December 2017 and played chess with the kids. After their Soccer in the Streets practice, Albert taught around 20 kids how to play chess and encouraged them to play among themselves. 

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