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About Us

Chess Buddies Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the benefits of chess to young children from all backgrounds. Chess Buddies Founder Albert Liang first came up with the idea to start spreading chess after attending the prestigious National Barber Tournament of Champions. At the opening ceremony, Dewain Barber, a veteran chess pioneer, challenged the invitees from each state to teach chess to 100 new people.  

Chess Buddies Foundation believes that each child deserves the opportunity to experience chess. The benefits of chess are scientifically proven, helping kids develop various skills like creativity, planning, time management, and critical thinking.

Chess Buddies serves communities that struggle with financial resources as the gateway to chess paradise by supplying chess sets and world class education. 

We believe that the prominence of chess in the future largely rests on the shoulders of the young generations. In order to allow future generations to continue gaining from chess, we must inspire current young generations, regardless of background, to truly love the game.

Our Partners

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